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PlugMe offers free remotely hosted (via Hostgator coupon 60) advanced plugboards to use on your very own website. Each plugboard can be easily customized and administered through your online control panel. There's no tricky installation to do and you could have a plugboard on your website in seconds, just register (for free) and enter the code from your control panel onto your website.


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10/01/2014: Minor updates completed. Do you have suggestions for new features? Please contact us.
08/01/2014: Upgrade your account - now half price! That's an advanced version for only $4.99! Upgrades are now INSTANT!
08/01/2014: Minor improvements for users who login to an account from multiple computers/devices.
03/01/2014: We have completely redesigned the login system. It is now secure and easier to use. Access has also been fully integrated from our home page. We hope you like it.
03/01/2014: We will be performing a security update to the admin panel between 19:30 - 21:00 GMT. If you encounter any issues during this time, please bare with us.

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