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  • Easy to use.
  • Have up to 60 buttons showing at a time.
  • Ban users IPs including ranges.
  • Ban domains from plugging.
  • Plug deletion and editing via admin panel.
  • Flood control to prevent spammers.
  • E-mail notify option - Receive an Email whenever someone plugs on your plugboard.
  • Adult/inappropriate website detection.
  • Disable plugging.
  • Background colour or transparency ability.
  • Customizable sized board.
  • Completely free!
  • No scripting abilities needed, just insert a short piece of code into your site.
  • Works on almost all websites.
  • Plugboard directory - Gets your site listed and more visitors.

Coming soon

  • Ability to stop a button/url showing on the plugboard more than once.
  • Statistics
  • More size options
  • Increased maximum visible plugs
  • Remember Button URL and Website URL
  • Sticky buttons ability.
  • Plug Approval

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