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PlugMe now offers two types of advertising - Banner advertising and board-wide advertising.

With thousands of hits everyday, you can be sure to be successful from advertising with us whatever type of website you have - whether it be a large business website, a web hosting business, resource website or even a personal website. While hosting tens of thousands of active plugboards, our board-wide advertising is the most effective type of advertising and your advert will be seen by thousands of people every hour and may still be seen by people weeks later.

We do not allow advertisements containing or linking to pornography, profanity, illegal content, or hate content.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is ideal for those looking for an inexpensive way to get more publicity. Your banner advertisement will be in a random-rotation with other advertisers at the top of each page of PlugMe.

Advert size: 234 x 60 pixels

One month: $9 USD (£4.50 GBP)
Two months: $16 USD (£8.00 GBP)
Three months: $21 USD (£10.50 GBP)
Six months: $40 USD (£20 GBP)
Twelve months: $65 USD (£32.50 GBP)

Board-wide Advertising

Board-wide advertising means your advert will be posted on every single hosted plugboard.

Advertisers using this method tend to receive hundreds of visitors each hour, lasting for several days.
The plugboard is often a central focus point on websites so your advert will be far more successful than you expect.

Advert size: 88 x 31 pixels

Pricing: $40 USD (£20 GBP).

Bundle Package

This package includes board-wide advertising (one-time board-wide plug) and twelve months banner advertising.

Advert size: 88 x 31 pixels, and 234 x 60 pixels.

Pricing: $79 USD (£39.50 GBP)

Did you know?
There was over 9 million page views on the PlugMe website within the first two years and this has almost doubled in the following 12 months.
There was over 91.7 million page views in total on PlugMe (including it's plugboards) within the first two years and this too almost doubled in the following 12 months.


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